Sandra Marlowe - Singer, Artist, Educator

Sandra Marlowe

A singer, recording artist and performer whose debut album, True Blue., was released in 2012 to international acclaim, Sandra Marlowe’s latest recording project and second full-length album, The Heart Always Remembers, is a sumptuous offering of originals, jazz standards and vintage tunes officially released on September 25, 2020­.


With the challenges of 2020, I am struck that the title of this CD, planned since 2018, is The Heart Always Remembers. I have been inclined to reflect and revisit past good times, and long for breezier days. Such musing brings thoughts of who I am, where I’ve been, how my personal and musical journeys have unfolded, inseparable. My career owes more to random selection than planned trajectory, but years in the “biz” make me a long-distance runner, a student to life and a servant of telling the story. This eclectic collection of tunes is nostalgic, comedic, sexy, playful, sweet, and somber. I am proud to offer three of my originals – Corner Store Blues, A Sweet Wind and The Heart Always Remembers. With the business of music often dragging around the soul, the desire with this project was to return to why I sing and how soulful that felt at a tender age, while echoing nuances and insights that only the years bring.

Much gratitude to co-producer and pianist/arranger, Larry Dunlap, for bringing formidable talent, skill, knowledge to this work, including two exquisite songs of his own, So Quiet Is The Night and Let The Music Take You. I am honored to have worked with first-call jazz musicians, drummer Jason Lewis and bassist Dan Robbins, both of whom are so supportive and innovative. Engineer Doug Pohorski was a calm and patient collaborator in the often-grueling recording process. Working remotely with mixing/mastering engineer Gary Mankin during global quarantine gave a focus that saved my sanity, with his expertise and ears bringing out the very best. I am indebted to singer/songwriter Robin Hambey for endless encouragement and support, and am pleased to include her song In My Arms on this CD, as well as feature her voice and harmonies on the title track.

My heart is warmed and enlivened by friends and fans who appreciate my artistry and cheer on my musical life, as well as programmers and promoters who work to keep jazz, music and artists alive. For me, heaven is created when the heart is open. May this album speak to your hearts and souls, as much as crafting it nourished mine. With all of us weathering tough changes, I hold a quiet hope for new seasons to come.

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