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CEO-ing My CD

            For the past two years I’ve been working on my first solo CD – an exhilarating, but meaty task and not for the easily thwarted or faint of heart.  There is no ideal time and space in which to birth a musical baby.  Regular life (births, deaths, taxes, crises) just keeps on happening right around you

Beau and The Gift of the Buddha

          In some ways I am hesitant to write this story, because somehow putting pen to paper brings it out of the realm of memory and magic, and attempts to fit it, albeit awkwardly, into real time – a terrible burden of contemporary life.  Memories, softened and shaped by the emotion of a particular place and time, can warm our recall of an event, but the magic that lends a sense of timelessness to them, is often lost in the linearity of laying down words and language.

Going Back

You may know me as a cabaret singer and jazz vocalist, but on June 12, I auditioned for . . . . Opera San Jose!?  My vocal cords may have been baptized in the old-time gospel hour music, but my first formal training was definitely classical – in both piano and voice.

"Blues in the Night"

Woke a few minutes before 5:00 AM. I sat up, reflecting back on a dream, in which an old acquaintance, Eilana, showed up. She and I used to sit around backstage at San Jose Opera Theater when we were just aspiring divas. The dreamscape was she and I in a house, and I was noting the differences between our lives. Eilana has become a star in the opera world, performing roles at major houses to the tune of some terrific reviews.